Thrivent in April

Our team of volunteers threw a Easter/Spring themed birthday party and trivia event for the low income and homeless seniors at the Serving Seniors in downtown San Diego. We had over 100 seniors at the event and we served cake and punch and had 20 birthday gift bags filled with personal necessity products, snack items, pens, paper, juice boxes, water bottles, tea bags, laundry soap, oatmeal packets, protein bars, soup mixes, kleenex, hand sanitizer and other small items. We also were able to have a raffle with over 20 items which were used as the prizes for the games and trivia questions. We had collected some really great raffle items such as gift cards, sheet sets, candles, coffee and tea sets, bath products, sewing gifts, reusable water bottles, oven mats, cooking pans, sweaters, gloves, scarves, socks and other items that were a big hit. We sang happy birthday and each of the seniors who had a birthday during the month of April were called up to the front and told us about themselves and when and where they were born. It was so sweet as many of them were over 90 years old! Several were English second language speakers and they had written out the translated information so that they could read it to the group. This was such a wonderful event with so many smiling faces and we had so much fun celebrating with the seniors and making them feel special. This is such a wonderful way to spread joy and so many people benefit from these events. Thank you for allowing us to provide this celebration for our seniors!