Rev. Jay Shirley is Pastor of Northminster Presbyterian Church, and as pastor is responsible for Sunday Worship and leading our staff, deacons, and session.  Pastor Jay comes to us from El Montecito Presbyterian Church in Montecito, CA where he served as their Associate Pastor for 5 years, and subsequently as their Interim Pastor for nearly 2 years where he led them through a difficult period of transition.  He also has 25 years of youth ministry experience including working as a Youth Minister at the Village Church in Rancho Santa Fe for 11 years, Solana Beach Presbyterian church for 9 years, and Oneonta as a Associate Pastor with a focus on youth ministry for 5 years.  It was at Oneonta that he was ordained and discovered the importance of living out grace and trying to love others unconditionally as Christ modeled. 

Pastor Jay was raised in a Christian home in south Texas, where he made two major decisions at age 11 that have affected his life to this day. While attending a church summer camp with his Methodist church he discovered a personal relationship with Jesus and he bought his first surfboard. Surfing eventually led him to Santa Barbara to attend Westmont College. After graduation from Westmont in 1976 Jay worked in the oil fields of Texas for Conoco Oil Company. In 1978 he moved to San Diego where he met his wife, Donna.  Jay attended seminary at Gordon Conwell but transferred to Bethel West in to finish his Masters of Divinity and to marry Donna. In addition to his wife, family, and ministry, his passions have included travel (especially to Europe) and surfing. Donna and Jay have two adult children both living in San Diego. Their son  D.J. lives in North County with his wife Becca and son Corbin.
Daughter, Katie, lives in San Francisco and works in the Tech Industry.


Shelli Harder is the Director of Northminster Preschool.  Shelli began her time at Northminster Preschool in 1998 when she first enrolled her kids, Caine and Karissa, as preschool students in 1998.  Her role in the preschool grew from there.  In 1999 Shelli was hired as a substitute teacher.  In the winter of 2000 Shelli started teaching pre-k.  Having a background in Social Work, Psychology and Clerical, Shelli moved into the preschool office as the administrative assistant and subsequently became the Director in 2005.  Shelli has earned an AA degree in general studies from Spokane Community College in Spokane, Washington, a legal secretary diploma from Trend College in Spokane, Washington, and her B.A. in Social Work with a minor in Psychology from the University of Montana in Missoula, Montana.

Shelli enjoys reading, riding a bicycle (outside!), and is still discovering other interests since both of her children are now off to college!  Shelli has 2 favorite quotes the first is from Joseph Joubert, “Children have more need of models than of critics.”  The second is from Abraham Lincoln, “There is just one way to train up a child in the way he should go and that is to travel that way yourself.”`


Support Staff:

Linda Qua, Administrative Assistant, bookkeeper, media assistant

Sheila Mura, Treasurer

Johana Smith, Clerk of Session

Andree Webb, Preschool Assistant Director, media assistant

Nate Landis, Urban Youth Collaborative Parish Associate